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Joshua Kinberg

I've also noticed that Left-wing politics is more prevalent on the 'Net. Maybe I'm part of the same echo-chamber, but it seems that the internet as a many-to-many medium is being explored more by the Left than by the Right. However, the Right is trying to catch up and that's why the Miserable Failure googlebomb now lists Hillary, Jimmy Carter, and Michael Moore near the top. But, they got to it late, hence not news -- not groundbreaking.

The problem is, as Clay Shirky pointed out a couple months ago regarding the Dean campaign, none of it matters unless it leads to more votes. That's where the Right has traditionally held advantage -- voter turnout. And that's where the Left needs to catch up. Will Bluetooth Against Bush, Meetup, and GoogleBombs lead to votes? We'll see.


I have a third theory. No doubt extreme politics are prevalent on the web, as politics dont have to be funded to get viewed on the web. But what I think really abounds is populist sentiment, which is not necessarily left-wing.

Mass media is a source of great wealth, and great wealth tends to bat for causes that are Right of center. The so called "liberal media" of the mass media is right-wing in my opinion.

In Canada, for instance, nearly every major daily newspaper has a right wing slant - which is not representative of the population.

Viewed from abroad, it's hard to imagine how a hard line right winger like Bush has withstood public scrutiny for so long in the US. I think the influence of big media has to be part of it. I dont think Im alone in hoping that the increased access to moderate and populist views via blogs and other internet media sufficently loosen the hypnotic influence of the inherently right-wing mass media - and bring support to more moderate politics.

Randal Moss

John you have an interesting point. How has he survived scrutiny for all of the possibly 'less than noble' actions over his life, and terms in office. Maybee no one cares that he ruined a baseball team, but they should care that he placates the whims of 'big business' ... but that is what a Republican is traditionaly elected to do!

Joshua I have got to agree with you as well. Just like in business the best advertisiing in the world is worth squat if you can not drive sales. Me thinks that we should concentrate our collective energy, focus on how one candidate can improve the lives of John Q. American and rally the people around that.

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