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mengedie fofanah

Can you please stop sending massage to my mobil phone.

I want you to delete my account.


U as agent right now U MUST QUIT SEND ME ANY INFORMATION TO MY MOBILE PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!u have taken my money so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i will sue u tomorrow since the national police departement of information n tachnology is very near to my city


u said just sms to 3230 to quit as your member n type "STOP FRND". but u lie! i want u to stop send me message / sms right now! thnak you


why u can not be so nice n bonafitable organization just only stop do your service for those people who don't want to continue being your member again? thank you


Class Action Lawsuit: Please post on all blogs related to the illegal spamming processes of DO NOT ask to stop the messages, and DO NOT call them to cancel the messaging.

They are already breaking the law, and it is NOT incumbent upon us to take action to HELP THEM TO STOP. Instead, call them, email them from an account they are NOT already spamming, or otherwise contact them with the message that: A class action lawsuit will be filed against them if the messaging does not stop.

DO NOT give them your personal information. If you call, record the conversation, and let them know it is being recorded. If you send an email, keep a copy, as well as a copy of their response. Force them to either stop the practice, or face severe penalties.

What is nice about this is that they are NOT entitled to any more of your personal information. You DO NOT have to give it to them. THEY have to stop their practice GENERALLY, not individually. Moreover, because criminal liability may be in play, the management and ownership of may also face personal charges, but we'll leave that to the government's police power. As for us, join me to take advantage of our anonymity and attack using the rights of civil law.

Old employee

I've witnessed some incredible things while working at this horrible company. When I was there they micro syphoned money out of people's cell phone accounts all over the world. 50 cents here, and 50 cents there mulitiplied by the hundreds of thousands of people who thought they had cancelled equals a lot of dough. They would taget certain countries, and then close off incoming phone calls from those countries to not have to deal with the complaints. They send out fake friend requests from people who don't even exsist. Once you close your account, after a while it can turn back on and turn into a spamming robot.

Old employee

SMS.AC has changed its face. I't's now
check it out, I think a lot of people may fall into their scam.

Luis Gil

I'd like to know about this class action lawsuit. This company gave away my PERSONAL information to some "fanbox" site. This "portal is just like facebook or myspace. I despise such portals and never created an account there intentionally. I called their customer support number and left a message, even though I am very upset I tried to keep my composture. The fact is that they e-blasted to all of the people that I have on my contact list an alleged account I have with them and showed all of them my "profile". They even used my nickname: LUE. I appear there with a lot of semi-naked ladies and as a homosexual. This situation costed me MY MARRIAGE. My wife saw the thing (she was on my contact list of course) and flipped!!! How the hell am I going to do now when my wife is so convinced that I am looking for whores on the internet and that I am also gay. No offense to the gay community but I can turn very beligerant if I'm been accused of something that I am not and that costs me endless hours of stress, anxiety dispair and even my feaking marriage!!!!
Send me all information that you have about the lawsuit, i've already started talking to my lawyer.
Thank you!

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