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Catharine R. Stimpson

Randal Moss in a recent e-mail encouraged me "to add (my) own comments to correct or support (his) perceptions" that I have been a snob about the blogosphere.

In order to correct him, this is the one sentence in my Emory paper that mentions the blogosphere, "Our differences (about aesthetic judgments) also point to the immense and growing difficulties in deciding what is true, beautiful, and good in a global world that has innumerable data points, data bases, TV channels, bloggers, perspectives, perceptions, ideologies, interests, and modes of expression---as well as unacceptable literacy rates, especially for women."

Catharine R. Stimpson


I feel Dr. Stimpson misunderstood my post. I was referring to a comment she made during the Q&A session of the Futurist Forum. I respect and understand the need to identify and classify truth in media, and in fact agree. My point of contention was that I feel her impromptu comment singled out the blogospher as a source of questionable information. There is questionable and biased information everywhere, ESPECIALLY the blogosphere, but give me break that you let FOX News operate without a warning label.

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