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Walter Ford

Two days ago, 6/14/2005 I was contacted by the same company. They referred to themselves as "SBC Preferred Long Distance". While listening to their pitch I asked several times if they were SBC, they answered yes. Near the end of the call they asked for my name, I replied that if they really were SBC they would have my name. I asked if their company name was "Preferred Long Distance" and they replied yes. I terminated the call immediately.


I was contacted by Beth at Preferred Long Distance, who said they had an agreement with SBC to upgrade our business service and long distance. I was immediately suspicious. I quizzed her several times as to why she was calling me, and she just kept repeating the same thing. I asked for her callback number and she gave me a number for SBC. When I told her I would have to discuss it with my SBC rep she said "ok" and hung up.


Glad that people are not taking what a telemarketer says as truth. The best way we can protect our selves is to investigate things. I applaude Deborah for snooping around and getting to the bottom of it all. I hope she will update us here!

Amy Z

Thank you for the info! I just recieved a call from Preferred Long Distance, and they also made it very clear that they were a separate company. They had the wrong company name, and they didn't have my name at all. When I asked how I could independently verify the validity of the offer, I was told that the verification company would call me back, and I would receive a letter in the mail. I was not given any proactive steps to take. I Google-searched the company name, and although they have a URL, it came up completely blank (not even a "can't be found" or 'splash' page: just a blank screen). I immediately cancelled.


I got a call from "SBC preffered" a few days ago. The first call made it sound like they were SBC calling to let me know my rates went down. The person I spoke with called it a "preffered plan" like it was a special lower rate rather than a company name.

I thought "ok thats nice of SBC to call me up to let me know my bill will be lower next month, great." They also correctly told me how many phone lines I had, which led me to believe they were SBC. I guess anybody can access that kind of information though.

The second call was when they asked for authorization for something or other, thats when I knew it was a sales pitch. I asked them to fax me a quote. They faxed me a print out from their web site which showed the $30 a month per phone line cost, and the per minute costs they charge.

I spoke to four different people total on five calls. I tried to turn them down, but they didn't want to take no for an answer. Finally I was blunt with them, they asked "So you don't want to save any money then?" and I said "no I do not want to save any money." That finally got the message across to them and they have not called me back.

Im glad I saw this site because I do not want to be charged $80 per line for long distance. I know how much of a pain it can be to get things straitened out once you are overcharged for something.

Ken Smith

I just got a call from Preferred long Distance (02-20-06) because of past experiences I asked them to fax me info. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Thanks guys for the heads up. Ken Smith

Alan Palmore

I am so thankful for this site. I got the same call from Prefered Long Distance today saying that they were taking over SBC billing next month and that we would be getting newer and lower rates. I asked to see a printed cost comparison chart first and she refered me to I told her to call me back in a couple of days after I had a chance to review it. When I checked the website it wouldn't come up. Thank you all who wrote in or I might have been taken in by this marketing scam.


Just got the same call - glad you had this site up!


I get these calls at work AT LEAST once a day. For the last couple of months or so it's literally been every day. No matter how many times we tell them we are not interested or to take us off their list, they still call back. We actually switched to them last year, and it tripled our phone bill. SBC reversed it though after we complained.

Isn't there anything that can be done? I'm tired of getting these calls transferred to me all the time.


Glad to have found this to confirm my suspicions. I was also called by "Preferred Long Distance," today, and initially it definitely sounded like something to do with the ongoing SBC/AT&T merger, but I became suspicious when told I had to agree to "a 3rd party authorization." When I asked to have the info faxed to me I was told "we don't do that until you sign up." I said I'd have to look into our current account. Now I just hope they'll take me off the list when they inevitably call back.

Anon. due to work related

This is so sad, I work for the company that does the third party verifications and this company is really CRAPPY!! I can tell when I get halfway through the calls that these folks THOUGHT this was SBC!!! Its a mess, I hope we dont do verifications for them for too long, they stink! And its outrageous, I cant tell the consumer or Ill get fired, but I secretly jump for JOY when the consumer wises up and says, OH THIS IS A NEW COMPANY, NOT AT&T ? and I say yes maam, I will discontinue the verification!!! I hate liars and this company is the biggest of them all.


thanks a lot for this blog. I just got a call from them and although they made sure to let me know that they are a separate company from SBC, upon googling their name, I came upon your site. I'm easily taken in for these things and would've been again if it hadn't been for this entry. Thanks for the heads up and maybe preferred should have a website with bolded ads put sites like yours lower in the list -- oh, but then that would mean that they're actually putting their money where their mouth is.

It's a shame that I corrected the information that they have. I so hope that it didn't go through.


Wow - the hits just keep comming. Everytime I read a comment like CK's it makes me feel like I have made a difference by drawing attention to Preferred Long Distance and what appears to be a scam. I just hope more people see these posts and do not get ripped off by these hucksters.


I just received a call from Preferred long Distance and even signed up thinking they were a part of ATT.Saw your comments and cancelled it right away. Thanks.


The first guy who mentioned preffered is a scam is wrong, maybe youre working for ATT or something and you dont want people to switch??
Im not sure where he got his information from.

I signed up with preffered a few months ago and I havent had any complaints so far. The rep who called clearly stated their rates which were lower than what I was paying ATT so I signed up. They were a little pushy on the sales part but big deal. I didnt recieve an $80 bill like that one guy said either. So I would say the company is legit. The rest of the posts here are just about people whinning "oh my god I recieved a call from Preffered I better hang up!". Watch where you get your info from people...

P J Hardin

I just got a call from Preferred. It sounded like a good deal and I agreed to sign up but during the verification process I found I could not understand the person asking the questions. I said several times I can't understand you. I finally said send me the info in writing. Then I discovered this web site. Don't really know what the truth is. Are they legit or not?


I switched to Preffered a few months ago and haven't had a problem. The salesman was clear, the verification process smooth and my bill has been what they said it would be.


I just want to add that some of the sales reps may tell the truth and some people may be paying more for their services with their current LD company, but, the majority of the reps are liars and scam artists and get teed off when their sale crashes!!

business owner

I was called twice by Preferred long distance today. The first time they lied and said they were calling from AT&T. The caller was very aggressive. They switched me over to a verifier and when I said I didn't understand he hung up on purpose. They called again, and when I was sent through the verification again I got suspicious when they asked for my birth date. I asked why they needed that info, the rep got on the line, told me he didn't want my business any more and that he was going to "disconnect my line" sheesh! I'm glad I saw this page! warning to all!


Two days ago I was called by Preferred Long Distance. The solictor said he was with AT&T. I asked him three times after that, "Are you with AT&T?", "Are you calling from AT&T", "Are you an AT&T employee?" He answered yes three times. Since we just move my office to a new location, we have three new phone numbers that he said would require us to sign up if we wanted our old plans. I told him I didn't want to make any changes to the lines and that I wanted exactly what was on my old lines. After he instructed me to say yes to all the questions that a "third party" would ask me, the recording was started. I was told I could only answer yes or no or the call would be sent back to the original solicitor. Anyway, the took my three new lines and I found out the next day when I could not call out of my area code. So calling AT&T, I was informed that I was slammed. So I reported them to the Public Utilities Commission (CA State Agency). If you don't have a state agency that handles these matters, you should report them to the FCC on-line.


I got a call from this company today too. They made it VERY clear they were a seperate company from SBC/AT&T. They promised lower long distance rates, etc.

I was suspicious, something didn't seem right, so I googled them while I was on the phone. lol. I told them to call me back in a couple hours (so I'd have more time to do some research.)

I called my account rep at AT&T and asked if she heard of this company. She hadn't, but said they sounded like a wholesale long distance company. They may be legit; she didn't know. She said the key was to watch out for hidden fees.

Typically companies like this buy accounts from several phone companies and bulk sell them to a long distance provider. Because of the massive volume, they're able to offer lower long distance rates. But there's fees involved in doing this, which they're not going to absorb, so it gets passed on to the end consumer as monthly service fees or other hidden charges.

Basically, I decided our company wouldn't benefit from this because we use so little long distance. However, it's possible they're legit, and you *may* save some money if you use a lot of long distance calls.


PLD IS A GREAT COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just got a call from pld= Preferred Long Distance. He said they were a wholesale provider and could give me the same service for my phone line as I get from Qwest for a lot less (about half). He DID NOT say he was Qwest. I told him we didn't use any long distance and he said that didn't matter as they can provide the phone line and billing for a lot less. But that my "line" would still be Qwest and if any repairs were needed Qwest service would still do that .
I said to call back so I could look up the web site (which he easily gave me). I have, and I also came across this site. So I looked up Utah's PSC (public service comm). And Preferred is listed has a registered resaler. So I am still confused as there are so many complaints here.


Well Terij I am willing to bet that the complaints have less to do with the validity of their registration and more to do with pushy sales, empty promises to consumers, as well as flat out lies.

But who knows... there maybe more than one Prefer Long Distance company. Since you have their web URL you should share it here in the blog. All I have for them is The site is blank. It has been blank for months.


Also - Cingular if you are going to say that PLD is great that is fine. But you should also say that you wrok for them - or at least your IP address says that you work for them. If you read this then pass along a word for me ... I will be happy to consult with you all for a very steep fee!

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