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They sent me to to confirm their rates, it looked like a site my 13 year old could have set up in a half an hour. Thanks for having this blog up to confirm my suspicions...


yikes. they called my business but i cancelled. they were very rude, pushy, and deceptive.

Donovan Dangus

Wow! I cant believe how many people have no clue on what, such subjects they have strong opinions on. I find this whole bashing forum very strange. I have been with PREFERRED LONG DISTANCE for five months now. I found thier floor managers very honest when I asked if they were with QWest. The rates were as they qouted and I have since used the live customer service and was promptly handled. The only thing I think this forum is full of, is people who have no common scense when inquiring on a wholesaler. I hate to pull the shade over the eyes of all you campaignists who havent even tried a wholesaler, PREFERRED CAN ACTUALLY SAVE YOU MONEY.


Donovan - I have some sad news for you ... aside from Cingular who commented from PLD domain you are one of the only persons who has had a positive experience. If you read the comments a lot of the complaints are not about the service but the pushy sales calls, the rude telemarketers, the lies to make sales, and the violation of basic ethics in 'slamming' phone customers. Cheap rates or not, the company seems downright sketchy!

Donovan Dangus

I don't know if I am making myself clear. I recently purchased a new vehicle and I must admit that it was not a very pleasant
experience. Should I say that all the sales people should burn in hell. My point is your bashing a company which you don't really know anything about. Maybe, your confusing two or three different companies with similar type names. I myself am saving money and the telemarketer that contacted me was excellent! How about YOURSELF, can you share a little about you and your slanderous type, inadequate, unreliable, uncertain info on a company which to me, I gave a chance and listened to and now saves me a few dollars a month. Can you reimburse the many people you have persuaded away from preferred with this site?


Donovan if a sales person was rude and pushy to me, particularly on a major purchase like an automobile, I would walk away based on not giving the jerk the sale. You are a trailblazer and I am glad to have your comments here. You did business with PLD and are saving money, so congratulations. Your personal experience was not the same as most who comment here and on my 6/17/2005 post - which you should read.

To suggest I am slanderous for providing a forum for people to express discontent is laughable. The original post is a personal story from one of my IT contractors. I follow it up on 6/17 by pasting in an e-mail he sent me when PLD tried to get him to switch a second time! Pissed off people sharing horror stories on the internet is not slander ... it is word of mouth marketing.


Thank You for this info..they just called me and tried to 'scam' there way with there 'sbc and preferred merged..blah blah blah..."

thanks again!


I have to say Preferred Long Distance was very persistent and not rude at all. She explained the program (not sure how true it was) and I asked if there would be any charges by SBC/AT&T. She said no, but after repeated questioning, she did say, if I am on contract with AT&T, I may be charged for leaving. I told her I'd look into it and she can follow up with me.

I snooped around the internet and found 2 websites, one of which was blank ( the other ( provided rates that weren't what she quoted at all.

Sure enough, she did call back every time I asked her to (which is pretty good for a telemarketer). I told her about the websites I found and whether she has anymore information she could send or another website to give me, she couldn't give me an answer.

In the end, even though the price sounds terrific, I couldn't change my company's plan without some proof. This could've been a great opportunity, but to be considered a legitimate business, Preferred LD would need to have at least a functioning website and/or materials to support their claims.


Thank You, I singed up, saw this, and then canceled. You guys are a big help


i was a telemarketer for the company that does the telephone sales for PLD. they are actually a seperate company that buys leads from other companies and solicits them. the company that i worked for is a bigger sham than PLD. they are both shady and unreliable companies that should be avoided at all costs. the dreaded words for both from a customer is "take me off of your call list".



I am curious, what telemarketer did you work for selling for Preferred Long Distance?

Does the company sell services outside of California and Texas?


I am interested in learning more about this company. If you were contacted by Preferred Long Distance, or if you have sold their services, I would be interested in speaking with you. Please email me at Thank you.


I was contacted by Preffered Long Distance in January, I agreed because it sounded like a good deal. They called me back about my toll free numbers and I told them to hold off n everything. That things were changing on my end. They said okay and hung up. When Qwest started working on my account they found I had been changed over. What a mes this caused. Now I get a past due notice from Preferred for the amount of $102.22 so called then, they said that the correct amount is $98.?? I was furious. When I told her they were told not to change me over she said "that is not so". This bill is for less than a month. DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM

mike p higgins

iv been with preffered for four months and they have saved me hundreds of dollars and i love them. the rep that are aggresive i believe it is the passion they have when they believe in there product....


Got a 2nd call from them today..claiming SBC + AT&T hired them to call small businesses to switch over for better rates, because of some complaints. Just needed a few tid bits of info to make the switch. WATCH OUT! Talked to a friend of mine, who took the bait & was billed $300 more over his regular phone bill, luckily AT+T was able to reverse the charges.

Thank you for this website to inform ppl taht Preferred Long Distance is a scam!


PLD is considered a CLEC (Competitive local exchange carrier). I work for a CLEC also. While it seems PLD ONLY provides alternative long distance service, I work for a company that provides the same services that Verizon or AT&T provide (local, local toll, discounted line charges, internet service AND long distance. Here's what I know- Verizon and AT&T are not allowed to have a monopoly on phone service (as of the early 80's). Therefore, other companies are allowed to provide phone service to the larger companies customers (although how they get their leads is a company by company decision). I present my services by saying that the copper in the ground belongs to the larger company but that the company I represent can offer two changes- live customer service and lower billing. Verizon, SBC or AT&T still owns the physical line and still protects their investment by providing all repair services.

I audit possible customers phone bills and provide a proposal to show savings before a customer makes a decision. PLD sounds like they aren't showing their hand when their telemarketers call you, and no one wants to do business with a company that doesn't lay all of their cards on the table- what do they have to hide?

The bottom line in telecommunications is that YOU DO HAVE A CHOICE- something that SBC, AT&T and Verizon do not really want you to know. However, when making such a decision, it is always smart to do your research. Yes, there is a chance you can save money (for example, if you are a business owner- NEVER agree to or order an UNLIMITED PLAN [runs approximately $40 per line] unless you've done the math and your usage can justify the cost). Keep in mind that (at least in California), you should pay approximately 5 cents a minute for long distance usage and you should NOT BE billed in one minute incriments-CHECK YOUR BILL. There should be no monthly plan charge for a low rate if your calling is done in the US. International rates vary, but again, shop around! Always check your bill to make sure there is no 3rd party billing company- in California, there is an apathy in bill-paying that results in people overpaying for services they are simply not receiving.

I try to meet with all my potential customers IN PERSON- if I can't save them money and I can't offer them value, I thank them for their time and leave them with peace of mind. For me, at least, I believe that my reputation long-term is more important than a series of short sales without the reward of customer retention.

Yes, I'm one of those salespeople that everyone dreads because of companies in the same industry that mis-represent their services. Remember to say- PUT ME ON YOUR DO-NOT-CALL LIST if you aren't interested. According to the FCC (Federal Communication Commission), you shouldn't have to tell anyone twice.

Good luck and best wishes to all- I hope some of this information sheds a little light on a lesser-known subject!


I apologize. I just checked the second website noted in a blog above and found out- PLD DOES offer more than just long distance. However, I looked at their plans and can't believe that their prices are so high! Yes, they offer 3.9 cents a minute, but when you're paying $38.95, they had better give you something!

Let's break it down. PLD's monthly rate includes "unlimited local calling" and 100 "free" long distance minutes. My average business customer has 500 local minutes of usage on a bill (that's over 8 hours of talk time a month!). Considering that local calls run approximately 2.5 cents a minute, a customer would pay $5.00 for 100 minutes of long distance usage and $12.50 for 500 local minutes. That equals $17.50, while PLD is charging almost $40!

Some customer might benefit from this program if they are being WAY overcharged by their current provider. But I can promise (at least to anyone in California), there ARE better rates out there!


I received a call from PLD today soliciting lower long distance and line charges. what threw me off was that they asked for me by my maiden name, which i havent used for over 24 years! I looked up this website while i had them on the phone and they said that this website was not accurate. They were a little pushy but when i told them that they asked to talk to some one that has not used the name in over 24 years they could not give me a plausible reason. they didn't stay on the line much longer after i told them this. sounded bogus to me.

Pedro Valdez

I got a call from PLD, the rep stated that she was calling from SBC/AT&T in regards to the perferred long distance billing program. Stated they were going to lower our rates and combine our local and long distance billing onto the same bill.

PLD doesn't actually sell the product. PLD hires brokers to sell the product, who in turn pay telemarketing offices to rep their product. PLD and the broker KNOW what is going on, but can turn the blind eye because they aren't actually selling the product.

When you get a telemarketer on the phone, be VERY careful with your words. Simply saying YES to confirming your name can be recorded and played back during verification.

I ran a telemarketing office for a long time and I know how telemarketers work.

Not saying ALL PLD reps are crooks, but the one I just spoke with WAS!

Bay Medical Co. Inc.

PLD is a scam,They got all my 15 business lines. I just got a huge bill from them. They represent themselves as AT&T trying to save me money

Bay Medical Co. Inc.

PLD is a scam, they lied and scam my 15 business lines. They represent themselves as AT&T

Bay Medical Co. Inc.

PLD is a scam, don't trust them

Cindy Young

Preferred Long Distance ripped off my business. I made the mistake of signing with them. MY PHONE DID NOT WORK FOR ONE THIRD OF THE TIME . I'm talking not one phone call coming in or going out through the busiest month of the year. DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR OFFERS THEY ARE THEIVES.
Cindy Young

Nathan Moore

Of course as a business owner I get calls all the time with these deals. They called me told me they were a division of AT&T and could make my phone bill cheaper when in all actuality, they don't!!!! All they are is a reseller of AT&T, if you ever call them on a problem actually AT&T is the one that shows up, Preferred is nothing but a sales company that is it. They are rude, inconsiderate and do not care about their customers at all. Also, on top of all of that they are liars. They have been charging me $442.00 a month, just called AT&T back I will be paying $246 a month from now with the same service. Beware everyone where they get you are the little extras, like roll-over or hunting as they call it, they charge 3.50 a line, AT&T charges $0.42 a line, voicemail from Preferred is $12.95, AT&T is $5.95. So take it from someone who just learned a valuable lesson, these guys are nothing but scams and salespeople. If you talk to Shirley at Preferred by the way, tell her I said nice pair of balls she has. Plus I'm actually filing a complaint with the Public Utilities Commission. Anyways Just a word of warning.

Action Link Wireless

I got a call from them yesterday (before I read this)with the whole thing everybody has been talking about. I have been having problems with my current carrier not delivering what was promised and i found that you have more of a leg to stand on with signed quotes and a hard copy, so when preferred called saying they were a "wholesaler" for qwest and i could get the "whole sale price" it peaked my interest but i asked the lady for a signed quote with all the charges listed, she told me that to keep costs down they didn't fax or e-mail and that all you had to do was excercise 1% faith and let them take over for a month and the bill would be proof enough. She got quite testy when i kept pushing that i needed a quote. I asked her what Qwest would say if i called and asked about them, she replied that the "low down reps" wouldn't know any thing that it was a deal with the higher up's. I asked if i could get a call back number after i researched the company and she told me they are based off a dialer and wouldn't be able to call back. Then i found this site THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME AVOID THE PROBLEM!!!! now we just play with them when they call. THANKS AGAIN!!! SPREAD THE WORD

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