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Alison Moss


What questions do you have? I can answer any. You will be out of commission unable to put weight on your foot for the first three weeks. I would use crutches because you have to remember that you can't even touch your foot to the ground for the first 14-21 days.That means you will need help with bathing, carrying food to the table/couch, and doing anything that requires balance. Also you cannot stand for any length of time because your foot will swell.

Tara Brooks

I live in the New Hampshire area. Right now I'm scheduled to have a Dr. Mark Geppert perform the surgery. I went for two opinions and the outcome was pretty much the same. I'm going to do it over the summer because that is when I can have the most help. I'm nervous, but I will be glad to have a normal foot again. It's wierd because it's gotten worse since January. Before it would be just an annoying achey feeling w/minor swelling but now even touching it against the bedsheets at night it hurts. Now the back of my heel muscles seems to be really hurting. Is that normal too? Any info you can give me is so much appreciated. I love the website too, because this is the only real information I've been able to find! : )

Tara Brooks

By the way Barbara, good luck to you. I'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted as to how you are doing...I have to wait until the end of June.

tara Brooks

Well I've decided to go w/Dr. Aaron Colman in Exeter NH. He's explained the process again to me and that is what I feel comfortable with. I know this sounds crazy, but I'd be curious to see how your leg has healed in this time. I'm worried about the scar for me as well...I'm sure it's not the most important thing to think about ;)

Barbara Knight

Thanks for the information everyone. I am having the surgery tomorrow morning. I have various friends pitching in to help me afterwards. I'll be back with my story when I am able...

Barbara Knight

Hi everyone,
I'm on the other side of the surgery now- today is my 3rd day of recovery. My foot is wrapped and splinted and I can honestly say there is little pain. I took Vicodin every 6 hrs for 1st couple of days but now only Advil. I have to say, I am surprised to be doing this well. I go back to the doctor to have the foot casted a week from today. I'll post again after that. Thanks for your support!


Hi there. I had PBT surgery 7 weeks ago tomorrow...if that makes sense. It's 12:31 am here so actually it would be today. :) For the first 10 days I was in a fiberglass cast and was given permission for partial weight bear if tolerated. I was in pretty good pain for about 2 days but then it eased up. RICE for those 10 days helped out tremendously. At the 10 day mark I begged to have the cast off. They took it off and put me in a walking fiberglass cast. The incision looked ok but it was still a little bit open so after taking the sutures out they butterflied it shut. I walked out of their with a walking cast that wasn't comfortable. Needless to say I had it recast 2 more times before it was something I was happy with and could deal with. 5 weeks and 4 days after the surgery I had my walking cast removed. Left the docs office in a walking boot and started physical therapy the next day. Went to physical therapy with my running shoe on. I had a little bit of a limp. At the 6 week mark I had my second PT appointment. The limp was better and my ROM was better. At 6 weeks and 3 days my limp is almost gone and I rode the bike at the PT's office. He's surprised at how well I am doing but I have a goal. I need to play in a hockey tournament on May 25th, 2007. What do you guys think? Can I do it or am I pushing it? I believe that if you listen to your body and respect it than how can you go wrong? I don't do anything that hurts...let's put it that way. I do all of my PT stretches and I ride the bike at home. I also have a hockey skating machine I've been using too. My next appointment is tomorrow. It will be the 7 week mark. I'm going to ask the doc if I can go to public skate to see how it goes. Can you guess what he will say? I think I can. I'll update more. I'm also going to get the surgical report from my doc and try to post exactly what was done to my PBT. I was told there were a couple longitudinal tears but I would like more details. Good Luck everyone! Quick recovery to all.

Barbara Knight

7 days after the surgery and I am still not having any pain at all. The splint and cotton batting are still wrapped around my foot and leg and this Thurs I am getting a non-weightbearing cast. I'll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, still in bed with my leg elevated having friends wait on my hand and foot. I hate being helpless, but glad it's going well otherwise.

Tara Brooks

Jeannie i hope all went well at the appointment...Barbara it makes me happy to hear that your not having pain right now. My foot/ankle is hurting but I still have a month to go before surgery. I'm not going to like not keeping up w/my housework and I'm not going to like having people helping me all the time. A day or two of relaxing sounds okay, but after that...yuck!

Barbara Knight

I got my lovely purple fiberglass cast today. It's so light compared to the wrapping and splint that was on it since the surgery. It's easier to maneuver on the crutches now. I was told it has to stay on for 5 weeks, although I can start putting a little weight on it in 3 weeks. After that I will get a walking cast or boot which will stay on for 4 weeks. I was amazed that my foot was hardly swollen and the incision did not look too raw. No stitches to remove- they are dissolvable. The doctor said I probably did so well (very little pain and swelling) because I followed instructions - kept it elevated, didn't get up a lot. Jeannie, I would be interested to hear what your doctor said at your appointment. Always good to hear how people are doing who are further along the process.


I know what you mean about dreading being helpless. Before I had the surgery, I stocked up on food and household supplies, contacted all of my friends and created a "tag team" to help me each day. I am not the kind of person who finds it easy to ask for help but I'm glad I did. The wonderful part is that everyone was so happy to pitch in. I got to spend hours talking to friends I hadn't talked to in ages. Each time someone came in they got me some food, water bottles, emptied garbage, did dishes without even being asked. I guess you have to look on the bright side when you're going through a long recovery. It isn't easy (I tend to cry whenver someone leaves.) I'll keep everyone posted on my progress.

Tara Brooks

I'm glad things are going so smoothly for you Barbara. Do you live alone? I'm married w/three younger children and they will all be on summer break a week after I have this done....uuugh. My youngest who is 4, then 8 and 12! They tend to bicker a lot too! My husband travels and is gone a good three to four days during the week. My mom; however, who lives five minutes away will be off of work for the summer about three weeks after I have it done! I'm curious as to why you are in it so long. The Dr. I had told me two weeks elevated then come in for a cast...I thought he said for three weeks then I was done?? Maybe I better double check. I thought it was five weeks total but maybe five weeks with the fiberglass cast? I'll let you know. Take care and keep me posted : ) I wish I could help you from here!

Barbara Knight


In answer to your question, I live with my 19 year old son who has some disabilities. He is somewhat independent but still in high school and no help to me at all. I have a 15-year-old daughter who lives with her father at the moment. (mother-daughter teenage angst) so that is no help either. My friends and boyfriend all work but boyfriend actually took off a week to help me. I just ordered a wheelchair so that I can be more independent. Can't expect people to keep coming here for weeks I guess. I think you will need more help than you anticipate- especially with young kids. Think about hiring someone if you can possibly afford to so that you can really stay off your feet for awhile and have some peace so you can heal. Check back with your doctor about the timing. They all seem to work it a little differently, but I really don't think you'll be back on your feet in 3 weeks. Maybe 5-6, but even that is pushing it. If you want to e-mail privately, you can:


Hi guys. I am 1 day shy of the 9 week mark post surgery. I feel great. Last Friday the doc released me to skate. Thank goodness. He said my recovery was going better than expected. "Amazing" was his actual word. I am happy to hear it too. This means I can skate in my Memorial Weekend tournament in Phoenix. I've actually went to open skate twice during week 8 without telling the doc. I did however tell him that I was listening to my body and not doing anything too stupid or beyond my capabilities. I also have a skating machine at home that I have been using as well as going to the gym every day. At the gym I ride the bike for 45 - 60 minutes and lift weights. I do the Precor every now and then but I prefer the bike for now. I also swim laps at the end of each workout. Man does that feel good.

I've been reading everyone's posts. I notice that our recoveries are all different and that even the casting on weight bearing timings are very different. Obviously this has to do with the extent of our injury and repairs. I was told that I had a couple longitudinal tears that were repaired and that he made the tendon more tubular. Obviously, a lot simpler that repairing subluxation or cutting out a section of tendon. I just requested a copy of the surgical report today so I will be able to post exactly what the doc did for everyone's reference.

Barbara, do you know what exactly they did in your surgery?

Tara, why is your surgery so far away? Was that your choice? Poor thing! :|

Barbara Knight

Jeannie, I'm so happy to hear you're going to be able to skate. I hope my recovery goes as well as yours. I know my tear was pretty straightforward. It was "moderate" and it was low on the tendon, so my scar does not go as far up the leg as some photos I've seen of other people's. I also had a torn ligament that had to be repaired. There was no work done on the bone- just soft tissue. I feel as if it's healing well, but what do I know? How does the doctor know you're healed and ready for activity? Is another MRI done or is it just based on a physical exam?

Tara Brooks

I'd be curious to know as well how they know when your ready. I'm so glad everyone is doing well. Yes, I planned it that far out. I do videos/slideshows and I have a preschool graduation to tape on the 6th of June so I go in a week later. I didn't want to stand that long and video and do pictures in a cast : ) Plus my mom works for the school and she has the summer off, and I will need the help w/three kids and a husband who travels during the week : ) I'm not sure the extent of my surgery yet. The initial doctor said something about bone deepening as well. Yuck. I guess we will see. I enjoy chatting w/everyone so I hope to hear from you again soon!

Barbara Knight

Hi all,

I am at almost four weeks post-op and doing well except for cabin fever. I am looking ahead to about 3 weeks from now when I will get a walking cast. I'd like to hear others' experiences with the transition from non-weightbearing to walking cast. Is it painful to start walking? What is range of motion like initially? What is the physical therapy like? How comfortable is the walking cast? Is that what people refer to as the "boot"? Do you still need crutches to help you along or a cane or something?



I had surgery on my peroneal brevis tendon four weeks ago yesterday. I had multiple tears with one being 7 cm long. I've been in so much pain in this "soft" cast. My foot is still swollen, it throbs, burns and feels like pins & needles along with pain in my heel. The recovery is far worse than I thought it would be and I still take vicodin along with advil to sleep at night. I go back to my doctor next week for a five week post op appt. and I'm nervous to swith to the walking boot b/c I feel like there's no way I'm ready for it, but I can't stand being in the cast and on crutches for one more day! This experience has really made me appreciate the small things in life we take for granted like walking, playing with my kids, cooking dinner, etc. I'm so athletic, and believe it or not, have a high pain tolerance (two kids w/ no epidurals) so this has been very difficult for me to deal with. Has anyone else has such a hard time? Did you finally get to a point where you felt that you were going to be o.k. and walk normally again?

Thank you for your thoughts....

Barbara Knight

Amber, I am also four weeks post op but have had a very different experience than you. I'm wondering why all docs do it differently, for example, I was not casted for 10 days, now in a fiberglass cast which I'll have to be in a total of 5 weeks, and then a boot (walking cast)for 4 weeks. I've had little pain except that if I hop around too much on the crutches, my foot starts swelling and there is pressure inside the cast. As far as my injury, I had one moderate-severe tear and also a torn ligament. I would like to recommend a device I found which has been extremely helpful- It's called a roll-about and is much better than crutches because you have one hand free to do things. I rented one at a surgical supply store (not a brand name) but here is the web site in case anyone is interested:


Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your insight and for the roll-about info. My "soft" cast is basically a splint and my doctor never said anything about a fiberglass cast, just a walking boot at about 4-5 weeks post op. So, I go tomorrow to get checked and I'm very nervous b/c I've had such bad pain for the past week, especially in my heel which seems strange to me? Is your foot still swollen and a little numb? My toes are still very swollen and it seems that the pain in my foot gets worse when I try to slightly move my toes. I have unwrapped my "soft" cast several times in the past week or so b/c it felt way to tight (like the circulation was being cut off), but I wrap it back up immediately. I'm going to ask my doctor tomorrow about the fiberglass cast benefits and why he feels that I don't need one (not that I want one)! My husband just keeps telling me not to worry b/c my tendon was so badly torn and in multiple areas, that it's just going to take a while to heal. I hope he's right b/c I kinda lost it this morning feeling like something must be wrong?

Barbara Knight

Hi Amber,

Just so you know, the fiberrglass cast has been very comfortable - I have no complaints, no real pain or numbness. I keep my foot elevated as much as possible and it only swells up, causing pressure and a little soreness, if I keep it down too much. Like one night I went out to dinner on crutches and did not sit with my leg up on a chair. When I got home there was a lot of pressure and discomfort. I don't know if that's why I've had little pain. I'm sorry your experience has been so different. Maybe because of the severity? If you have questions or are in more pain than expected, I would definitely call your doctor. Tell him about the numbness and swelling. You need to get answers so you won't worry so much. Good luck!


Please Help
Hello Everyone- I just found out via MRI That I have a Longitudinal split tear of the Peroneous brevis tendon the source of lateral ankle pain along with lots of swelling and something else mentioned like "tennis novitis?" I get back to you about something else mentioned part.
Anyway here's the weird thing I don't remember injuring the ankle lately. 20-plus years ago is the last time I remember, a few twist's or a turns on it- They did a x'ray before the mri and there impression is a bone spur mentioned maybe from old injury.Well 3-weeks later still swallon and hurts to walk on it. It was injured when I was 16 years old from a car wreck along with a crushed pelvis. I'm now 45 years old almost thirty years ago was that injury. But nothing comes to mind injurying it lately which has got me puzzled. Have's anyone heard of this can something come back and haunt a ankle like this from years ago? Thanks ahead for any info. about this.


Hi there! I'm back from my Memorial Day Hockey Tourney. Everything went well. I played 3 games (won 1 and lost and no swelling or pain. I am 10.5 weeks post-op. I am pretty much done with physical therapy although I will continue the exercised for as long as I can because I am still having stability issues while doing the foam roller and such. I want to make sure my ankle is good and strong.

I received my surgical report. Apparently there were so many tears that he didn't even try to fix them. He "tubularized" the tendon which I believe means he stitched it up so it looks like a tubular tendon once again and supposedly this has remedied the situation. Very interesting I must say.

Barbara, to answer some of your questions: I was partial weight bear from day one of surgery. So I never had a transition period from non-weight bearing to weight bearing. I had a fiberglass cast when I woke up from surgery. I started partial weightbearing on Day 3 and on Day 10 I was in a Weightbearing cast. I was extremely surprised at how easy it was to walk with the walking cast...although it took me 3 tries with the cast to get the casting right so that it was comfortable. First it was hitting my shin wrong, then there was a fold under my heel. The 3rd cast was comfortable enough to deal with. My heel had lots of pain during this 4 weeks in the walking cast. After the cast came off I continued to have heel pain and the numbness didn't wear off for a week or so. When the walking cast came off 5 weeks and 4 days after surgery I was able to walk in a shoe. I started physical therapy the next day. We worked on Range and Motion and strenghtening. I went 3 times a week for 3 weeks. Every time I went in he had new exercises for me because I was progressing well. At 8.5 weeks I was back on the skates and it was obvious there were stability issues so I took it slow. I think my recovery has been very quick and I'm very happy with it. I also had severe "cabin fever" but since I had that tournament to look forward to I just bit the bullet and suffered with that damn cast on my leg.

What are you using to shower by the way? I got one of those waterproof cast covers and that was a godsend.

Amber, I'm surprised that you are in a soft cast and not a fiberglass one. I think I would have done bad things (like try to move my foot and toes around too much) if I was in a soft cast. Are you continuing to ice and elevate? If you have swelling you definitely should still be doing this. I was religious about this and was careful not to push it.

The heel thing sucks. I don't think that pain can be prevented. It will get worse in the walking boot too. (most likely)

Barbara Knight

Wow, that waterproof sock looks like a great product. I've been using garbage bags and surgical tape. Jeannie, how do you ice your foot when it's in a fiberglass cast? I am elevating it as much as possible but now the doctor says I can put partial weight on it (with crutches). I'm scared to do it because it seems even when I'm up for awhile, my foot swells and the cast feels tight. It's amazing that you were partial weight-bearing from the beginning. Didn't your foot swell? I had the surgery on May 1st and I still have to have the fiberglass cast on for 3 more weeks! Everyone's experience is so different.

Barbara Knight

This is for Teresa. You were wondering how your tendon tear happened. Very often it is a repetitive stress injury, as was mine. I am very athletic. I dance, hike and bike- but I don't remember one incident that caused my tear. Unfortunately, tendons do not heal on their own. Here's a quote from a medical site that featured some case studies..."The etiology of longitudinal peroneal tendon tears is unclear. The anatomical position of the peroneus brevis tendon and repetitive mechanical wear and tear of the tendon within the retrofibular groove may play a role in its injury." Teresa, it sounds like you have questions about your particular injury- definitely call your doctor so that he can answer all your questions and you can make an informed decision about treatment. Good luck!


have had all the pain and symptoms for some time. wont bother to list them all to puctuate the intensity of the pain. MRI just showed 1.5cm tear in peroneal brevis tendon. dr.s say easy surgical fix followd by 6 week recovery time worn in the "boot". im scared to commit to the surgery. can anyone advise of same?

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