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LInda Marr


LInda Marr

So glad I found this site. I had my surgery 13 days ago. Had a tear in my peroneal brevis tendon almost 3" long. There was no known injury, I guess just degenerative.

I had a nerve block and sedation. Surgery was at 7:00 am, I was home at 11:00 am. I was pretty wired most of the day and couldn not sleep even after being up all the night b4. Went to bed about 11:00 pm and at about 2:30 am the nerve block wore off. Ouch. Took a 1/2 of Vicodin and the pain went away in about 1/2 hour.

Next day was painful but I kept taking a 1/2 of Vicodin every 4 hours. This was keeping the pain at bay, but I then started to get nauseous and a really bad headache, so I stopped taking the them. The pain over the next few days was tolerable.

I am in a cast from the knee down. I alternate between a Weil knee walker (a God send) and crutches. I am supposed to put weight on (not to sure about this!)

Over the last couple of days I have noticed cold toes and purple toes and some burning. I have called the doctor twice and they said not to worry,, this was normal. But today I just felt that I want the doctor to see me, so I go in on Wednesday

I should add that even B4 the surgery my toes were getting cold - Several doctors have said that I have Raynaud's syndrome, so I don't know if it is being excasperated by the surgery or if something else is going on.

Just wanted to report on my surgery. I am going totally crazy relying on people! I also hae fibromyalgia, so walking on crutches is really aggravating it


Hi Linda, I hope your healing is going well! I had surgery April 29th, so am nearing the 6 wk mark. I too have Raynaud's and I think that this made the toes get purple-like versus your standard red swollen. In any event, use that as a quick reminder to elevate your foot. I find that I try to keep it on a chair whenever I'm at work or out really anywhere. I had a surgical cast (partial hard, partial soft) for 2 wks, then pink fiberglass for 2 wks, then CAM boot but no weight-bearing 2 wks... and I start PT on Monday and gradual weight-bearing. My sense from this website is that everyone's progression through these stages is quite unique... and likely depends on the severity of the tear and other things going on (like needing the bone groove to be deepened, cut muscle belly back, remove extra tendon, remove scar tissue, etc). I am certainly hoping my PT will go well and that I also will one day be running again (I am a long-distance runner/marathoner).

Best wishes to anyone whose had this surgery or who is considering it.


I see there haven't been any posts in quite some time. Wondering if anyone has had suregery on the Longus tendon as opposed to the Brevis. I'm scheduled for suregery on July 1st. Too much hiking about one year ago left me with an overuse type of injury I'm told. I've tried all the conservative things such as the walking boot, cortizone, PT, and now I have to wear the lace up type brace if I do much at all. It's a tough decision to do the surgery because I can get around ok with the lace up brace. As my doctor said, it's up to me, if I'm ok with not doing 100% of what I like to do or can get by with the brace that is an option. But if I'd like to be able to get back like I was pre-injury, time for the surgery. My MRI didn't show an obvious tear, but the sharp pain lets me know I've got some issues right where the Longus tendon is. The doctor thinks debridement may be all that is necessary but won't know for sure until he's in there. The main thing different I see on this blog is PT. My doctor said 2 weeks in a splint, then right into PT and partial weight bearing. Guess it will all depend on what is done exactly. Did anyone return to work right away? I have a desk/computer job and don't have to walk anywhere other than the restroom and the parking lot.

dorena pierce

Not sure if anyone is still commenting on this site..but would love to hear from anyone who has been thru this experience. I am 8 weeks out from my pb surgery...been weight-bearing for last 3 wks. I can't walk more than 15-20 min. without considerable pain. My dr. says the orthodics will make a big difference..should be here in a couple of wks. Just doesn't seem normal to have this much pain.l.would love to know if anyone has had similar experience or just let me know where they were at this point after surgery.


Dorena - I'm having surgery on July 1st, so can't be much help there. I know I have orthotics and they take a ton of pressure off of the tendons. I had a shot in the CC joint and couldn't walk for a weak due to the pain on weight bearing. But 8 weeks out - I sure hope I can walk by then without much pain. My doctor says I should be able to by then.

dorena pierce

Mark..good luck with your surgery.. keep me posted as to your progress.


Dorena - Hope you are doing a little better these days. Tomorrow is my big day! is my email. I don't think I'll post on here any longer.


Jordans 3

This post really had me thinking about this particular issue in way I havent before. Its something I do believe we need to talk about more. Thankyou.

Tricia Brewster

During hip surgery, my sciatic nerve was cut three quarters of the way through. This left me with
numb foot and leg and foot drop. After five years
I have partial numbness in my foot and my toes lift up a bit except for my big toe which still drags if I dont lift my foot up when walking.

My surgeon has suggested a double tendon transfer which he says will lift my big toe up as well as lifting my foot up more. I am very nervous about having this done and wonder if it will be worth all the trauma involved I havent read any reports of anyone having this type of surgery for drop foot, most people have it done to repair the tendon rather than a transplant. Any comments will be welcome.


Taking the wife for PB surgery Nov 12, 2010. This site has been great for ideas and expectations. I'll post info on her surgery and updates.


Brooks here. The wife's surgery was yesterday: 2" longitudinal tear in peroneus brevis. For surgery, she was put under heavy sedation and nerve block from the knee down. She doesn't remember any of the surgery, but since she had the nerve block as opposed to totally going under, she was cognizant in the recovery room and not so 'loopy' and 'out of it'. The whole experience at the hospital was quite plesant and the doctors, nurses, etc. were very good.
Leaving the hospital, it was beneficial to put her in the back seat and we brought pillows to keep her leg elevated. This helped.
She was put in an immobile splint-type boot with padding and ace wrap for now. Underneath, she has 4 electrodes: 2 at mid calf and 2 at foot, which are hooked up to a TENS unit. This is for pain and can help some with the healing process (blood flow, etc). She is to be non-weight bearing with crutches and follow up in 2 weeks to get stitches out and probably put in a cast at that time.
Things that helped so far: prepping the car with pillows and water and crackers for the ride home, prepping the couch before we left with pillows for elevation, preparing some food ahead of time for lunch and dinner, getting the meds the day before to avoid stopping on the way home.
Things we should have done: practiced going up/down stairs with crutches. At home, she just scooted up/down the stairs on her butt.

Pain has been minimal so far. The nerve block wore off in about 4-5 hours after surgery. She is to take percocet every 4-6 hours, even if she has no pain. We were instructed to take it even if no pain in order to "stay ahead of the pain", and that has helped a lot. Keeping her leg elevated the first day has already caused some hamstring pain and knee pain from immobility. It feels good the bend and straighten her knee when she gets up off the couch. She had to get up to urinate about 5 or 6 times when we got home (from meds and just drinking a lot of water).
First night sleeping was uneventful and not really painful. We had her leg elevated all night. We woke up at 3:30 in the morning to use the restroom and take pain meds according to schedule.
In the morning, she felt good but then got nauseated after breakfast. About 1 hour after eating, she then proceded to get sick twice. She thinks maybe from taking percocet in combination with Tyleonol. Now, she's just feeling bad on the couch, but her foot isn't really hurting. We will probably try half a dose of meds next. Well, that's the update. Hope this helps other people.


Hi to anyone contemplating this surgery. I had surgery in Feb of 2008. I am just cleaning out my computer as I am getting a new one and stumbled on this site that I saved and felt compelled to post an update. It will be 3 years next month for me. I have absolutely no issues with my ankle any longer! Haven't for quite some time now. It was all worth it! It's just a distant memory for me now. I do remember the long recovery and the immobility and frustration, but good things came from it! Hang in there! Go for it and be done with it! I just took a vacation to South Africa and hiked all over the uneven terrain and it never bothered me once!!! I didn't even think about that until just now...I was trying to think back to the last time it crossed my mind and can't remember as it's been so long. I am very happy I did it and pleased with the outcome! Good luck to y'all! ZENA


Hi my name is tera , I had surgery April 6,2011 , wow what an experience , I had no idea how I injured brevis tendon, I use to walk 5 miles 4-5 days a week, people told me if I have the surgery it would be alot of down time and very painful, it's true . I started using the walker which was great for very short distances , for longer trips use crutches or wheel chair, be very patient , keep busy doing simply crafts or catching up with books , take care


I am a loyal reader but i dont like to comment normally, but nowadays i just thought i would let you know my thanks. cheers!


I can now trully say that i have been converted into a loyal fan!

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