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Arlan Berglas

Now it's time to for me to give back. So I am raising money for nonprofit organizations in a way similar to how I earned my financial security. I am using my creative mind and directing my efforts to making the world a better place.

Thus, was created. To get to the HOME page you can also go to or - Once on the HOME page you will find many different ways to raise money for your favorite nonprofit organization, or you may get ideas yourself on how you can give back to help make the world a better place.

As the Director of Global Development at We, The World -, we have designed one of our many fundraising programs to raise money for Habitat For Humanity and at the same time to provide the needed affordable housing for seniors. The name of this fundraising program is Affordable Senior Communities (ASC). The slogan is ASC, and you shall receive.

A worthwhile purpose in my life is to work with retired people and bring passion into their lives. Therefore I am now the Program Event Specialist for AARP, for which there are at present 36 million members. As a Program Event Specialist, I help retired seniors one-at-a-time develop their own volunteer program and events (that they can be passionate about) to help make the world a better place.

I have found that if people are in charge of their own program that they are passionate about, then they will give it a 110% effort. Their own program will stimulate their interest, help others, and in turn each will thrive. Most nonprofit organizations ask a volunteer to work on a program that was created by someone else and it does not fit their personality. As soon as we give a person a title for his or her own program we have also just increased their self-esteem. There is no cost involved, since volunteers run this entire program as well as all of the new programs.

Example: If an elderly woman is adept at art, she might gather three friends and teach the craft once a week. Her title (Art Director of the ABC Senior Housing Community) will elevate her self-esteem and confidence. In her own way, she is making the world a better place.

There is no better gratification than giving! My aim for this project is to reach all seniors with this message. Every one of us has talents, and putting them to practical use with a determination to help others will indeed produce a better world.

Another one of our We, The World programs is Global Leaders. We help individuals to turn their volunteer efforts into paying jobs. Our Global Leader volunteers are the Jerry Maguire’s of the philanthropy world. Sports figures have agents -- why not the people who are giving back?

Please Note: We sell volunteer programs to philanthropists, corporations, celebrities, whomever wish to personalize the program under their name (s).

It is the retired people among us that are going to make a vast difference in changing the world for the better. They generally have the time and the inclination -- and we give them the direction and the passion to fulfill their lives.

Let us judge one another -- not for what we do for a living, but rather for what we are doing constructively to make the world a better place. In this area, we all start out equal. Please take a look at the Global Thought

If I am conversing with a ditch digger who assists the “Make-A-Wish’ Foundation in granting wishes to ailing children, then speaking to a retired judge who merely plays golf daily, you can bet I will surely have more respect for the ditch digger.

Program Event Specialists help with simple solutions to everyday problems. Example: - How to be happy all the time – Do you know you can train your thoughts to do this? First, be grateful for what you have – No matter where you are in life, you should be grateful. Next, do nice things for others. I have found that if I am in the frame of mind that I am grateful and I am doing nice things for others – I am always happy. It works!

Did you know that we all have the power to rid ourselves of negative thoughts? First, we need to recognize it! Now adjust your thinking to form a plan for how to make it better from this point forward. Remember -- everything that has happened in the past is history - let it go! By dwelling on negativity in your life, you make yourself susceptible to physical and emotional dis-ease.

Here's another easy one! How to make friends? Learn to listen, and show an interest in others. It’s human nature – people gravitate to people who are interested in them.

We are never too old to change! Taking control of your thoughts and exchanging negativity for a positive outlook will uplift your attitude. Did you know that a positive attitude actually increases one’s energy and productivity levels?

Yes, the cup is always 1/2 full – My mantra is to seek out negativity, and turn a trying situation into a positive one. It’s a brain game, and it works wonders!

Arlan Berglas
Director of Global Development
We, The World

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