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An update on the bags. I found my bag that night - two hours after we landed it came in on the next AA flight. I went back to the airport Christmas day and waited for my wife's bag to show up, and eventually it did. We also filed an official report with the US DOT.


And I hope you went to AA's Web site, clicked on "Contact AA" and emailed them a link to this post. They need to know when they screw up.



Richard N

I have used the AA web site to complain. They are even worse. The tone in the reply email was terse, rude and insulting. AA destroyed a bag of mine to the extent that they would not allow me to use it again on their airline, but not enough to consider it claimable damage (a huge contradiction). I overheard employees in the terminal prior to the flight complaining about the company and how cheap it has become. They now sell a small bag on M&M's on the flight for $3. They have hit an all-time low in bad service and beahvior. They don't care how much they screwed up.


This is awful. Thanks for commenting in my blog.


Amen. No such thing as customer service at AA. These guys are at the pinnacle of being completely worthless, corrupt, anti-consumer, greedy corporate assholes . My guest from Japan have been stuck at DFW for two days unnessarily. Everyoneelse is flying. Try getting a hold of these dirty SOB's. Never never fly AA


An email I sent to AA Customer Service....

My Sunday night experience with American Airlines - March 25,2007!

...Boarded Sunday night at 5:10pm - mechanical problem on plane to Washington DC was still not solved (Flight AA1168). You kept us cramped on the plane without any decision just delay after delay. Over two hours later - I'm still in 26D with a monster bulging over my arm rest - we're notified to change terminals ("C" to "D").

We boarded new plane and waited over an hour on the new plane for luggage and catering.

Instead of arriving at 9:30pm I got in closer to 1:00am - my business meeting where I have to present is just six hours away and I'm still at DCA waiting for luggage, not at my hotel! found out that my hotel limo stopped shuttles at midnight! That means at 1:30am I'll get to shell out $20 more dollars!

American has lost attention to details and customer service - like considering the passenger first, getting peoples luggage to them promptly after landing (you had all the time between when we left DFW and our arrival in DCA to marshal people to unload our plane) and cutting corners with your personnel so that travel is no longer a pleasure. It is killing you and turning this very long loyal traveler against you!


I have had bad customer service while flying--some of it as bad as those already emailed but my most recent argument came with Continental on one of their "fare rules". See my parents are Italian and while my dad has been a born again American every since he entered this county, my mom has stayed very Italian--to the extent that she is very intimidated to speak English to professional people. My dad died 2 Christmas's ago and my mom has been having a hard time and finally decided to go back to Italy. So I planned to accompany her with my sons back to Italy. She lives in Florida and I live in Indiana so I quickly booked some tickets to Rome in hopes to save a little (not much because 4 tickets were $6300). When I tried to get her on the same flight or as close as possible to the dates we were flying, it turned out we had booked dates that didn't work. So I looked up the fare rules for canceling non-refundable tickets and found this:FARE RULES TEXT
CHARGE USD 200.00.


I noticed that there was no reference of date of period and thought that I'd call for clarification. Now I know what you're thinking: you can't get a ticket refunded for a death that happened 14 months ago. But I thought that with all the bad press the airlines had been receiving that there might be a chance. So I called and spoke to Mary Baker and told her that I wanted to accompany my mom back to Italy because she was afraid to go by herself since my dad died--that was all I needed to say. She immediately said that all I needed to do was send the death certificate and I would get the refund. I was elated but worried and told her that I needed to book my new flight right away so was she positive that I would get a refund with the death certificate. She said absolutely. I hung up, book my new flight for $6000 and sent the death certificate. And THEY DENIED IT. I couldn't believe that they wouldn't honor what I was told over the phone by one of their employees that I could name: Mary Baker. No matter how much I pointed out that the fare rules were ambiguous and that Mary Baker had assured me that I would receive a refund, they wouldn't budge. I asked to speak to a supervisor and Stacy Frank told me that there was no supervisor, she was the very top of the list. She told me I had no other person to talk to; it was her decision and she didn't care. Now I'm stuck with $12,000 of plane tickets on my credit card and I will lose $6000; oh I can use it within a year but I have to pay $800 to use them. Is that crazy? I will go to every blog and complain about the rude and ridiculous customer service at Continental. DON'T TRUST THEM!


"Amen. No such thing as customer service at AA. These guys are at the pinnacle of being completely worthless, corrupt, anti-consumer, greedy corporate assholes . "

I totally agree!

I was so glad to find this blog, because I have been dealing with a problem with a ticket refund from AA for six months now as a result of a cancelled flight from Heathrow to Lyon France in December, causing me to have to spend $500 on lodgings and train ticket to get to my final destination in addition to the $700 I had already spent on the ticket. AA gave me a whopping $35.75 back after my having written a five page complaint letter to their customer service department and will give no explanation why the amount was so low. The entire flight leg was cancelled and I received $35.75? That makes no sense!

If you try to call their 918 number for refund customer service, it is nearly impossible to reach a live person. I tried the 800 number, and was told by several different people at the 800 number that this is "not their problem." It's not just the refund issue, it's the complete lack of customer service that they have shown in this case. I am a relatively easygoing customer, and this is easily the WORST customer service experience I've had with any airline.

Anyone have experience trading their frequent flyer miles to another airline? Is that possible? I do not EVER want to give them my business again.

Gregg H

Just so you know that AA's bad service is'nt just in Coach. I am a Lifetime Platinum AAdvantage Member and usually get upgraded and AA's premium product has been in decline for a decade or more. I cashed in 125k miles for a First Class ticket to Buenos Aires in April and their much-advertised International Flagship Service out of Miami was pathetic. The Purser was an unkempt, slow-moving fossil that reeked of tobacco and basically tossed our dinner at us and then disappeared for hours. No wine was offered with dinner and worse, she told me that "we are catered 1 bottle of water per passenger" when I asked for another one over Bolivia. I was then given a watered down Diet Coke and hour later. The Purser's fellow First Class Flight Attendant sat and read a book and enjoyed his Bose Headphones all the way to Argentina. I am currently fighting with AA Customer Relations to get some of the miles reinstated but they seem to think that "Denial" is a river in Epypt.


Gregg if you are tired of the abuse switch airlines. I just called Delta, fresh out of bankruptcy and actually trying hard now, and they said fax them a copy of your premium customer status and they will gladly rant you status there with them. The fax number is 404-715-9220.


My wife and I were on an AA flight back from San Jaun when all of a suddent the pilot shut the movie off indefinatly and gave no reason. About that time I noticed the plane heading downward and began to panic as I didnt see any land. I look around and I see the flight attendants all moving toward the emergency exits. We made an emergency landing in provincialice (something like that), NonUS soil. A woman across from me started convulsing. Men came on the plane with gas masked and full gear on. We got off the plane and waited for another plane. While waiting we had a few drinks and my wife and I argued a bit(must have caught the attention of one of the attendants). I asked an attendant if we were going to get any food or if I could go have a cigarrette. She responded by telling me that I was being aggressive and would not be allowed to fly home with them. That's right they left me on non US soil and I had to purchase new tickets for my wife and I to fly out the next day after paying for a hotel. Once we got back to the US (MIAMI) we had to go through customs with no passports (because we never intended on leaving US soil)This was almost as grueling as being stuck on the island and took almost two hours for them to even get to us. I HATE American Airlines for this and I will NEVER fly with them , I hope they go bankrupt because that is what they deserve. Cost me an extra 700+ dollars


I would also like to include my horror story from AA.

I have sent in a lengthy email to Peter Silverman and hopefully passengers and neglected clients of AA can come together. There are strength in numbers.

I am still waiting to be reimbursed. *sigh*

Here is my story (or the lighter part of the experience)

- Arrived at Airport 3 hours before American Airline flight.
- Later told our flight would be delayed 1 hour.
- Waited and was told our flight would be delayed 2 hours.
- Then three.
- Then four.
- I asked for meal vouchers, my mother, my younger brother and myself were getting hungry. Was then told the flight was canceled.
- Forced to missed our booked bus tour in LA. Company refused to refund our money so we got stuck with a $300USD bill because of the flight delay.
- At the check-in, they gave us vouchers for one night hotel stay and a dinner meal. We were then told to take a free shuttle to the hotel.
- The shuttle took 5 people once and hour. There were about 100 people in line.
- We took a cab to the hotel. Line was huge, we waited patiently.
- Were informed by hotel that they would not honor the vouchers because American Airlines only called to check availability and never struck an agreement with them.
- Passengers reluctantly agreed to pay for the hotel out of our own pockets.
- Hotel announced that they were full. The manager arranged for a shuttle to take us to another hotel.
- After being told the shuttle would arrive in 20 minutes, the shuttle finally showed up after and hour and charged us to get the new hotel.
- Frustrated, irritated, tired and hungry, we had missed the hotel dinner time. We settled in and slept at around 1am.

- Woke up approaching the day with newer energy. But found out that the hotel does not provide shuttles to the airport.... ........ Called for taxi.
- Arrived at hotel over 3 hours before boarding. There was no line no representative so we went to get breakfast after missing the dinner meal.
- Lined up less than an hour later.
- Waited patiently as we went through check-in and customs for FOUR HOURS.
- Flight left without us.
- Dealt with a representative threatening us with her position.
- Demanded a new flights. Transfered over to Air Canada (THANK GOD!) demanded business class. NEVER TAKE AMERICAN AIRLINES. After this experience I only heard poor things about their service.


I am thinking of starting a website solely to post horror stories and experiences from AA hoping to get them to pay attention to their bad publicity.

I'm thinking of also asking people to campaign in different languages.

My mother who had purchased the tickets probably did not research AA's reviews online (she does not speak English). I know a lot of passengers out there are hurt, frustrated and outright pissed.

Our patience was abused and the injustice goes uncared for.

Again, I've e-mailed Silverman helps and hopefully he'll come on board for this fight!

James Phillips

Thought you should have a copy of a letter sent to senior American airlines staff over a recent problem.

September 16, 2007
Ralph L. Richardi
4333 Amon Carter Blvd.
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Mr. Richardi,
This is the content of a fax which I sent to Gerard Arpey on June 28th of this year to which I have not yet received a reply. I am concerned over the lack of response by senior management in a situation involving the complete mishandling of a minor child entrusted to your company amid repeated assurances by your representatives it would be handled in a most professional manner. I will also be forwarding a copy of this letter to all members of the Board of Directors for the AMR Corporation. I will hopefully get some response without escalating this further.
This correspondence is to make you aware of a recent experience with American Airlines and the complete breakdown of services involving a minor child. The record locator on this incident is EMPILT and was a flight from FSM to TPA for **********. I would like to start with the fact I have used American for all my personal and some business travel for the past few years and up until now have always been pleased with the services you extended. With that being said, I recently booked a trip for my step-daughter to visit her mother and me in Florida with a subsequent trip to the Bahamas. This has taken almost a year to set up because my wife’s ex-husband had many objections to her flying alone. My wife and I finally convinced him to let her come because of the escort service offered by American and the argument of “what could go wrong as she will be escorted the entire trip”, how wrong we were. The plane change in Dallas proved to be the first of many mistakes. Once she was escorted from the plane to the terminal she was turned over to another escort who typed a few things into the computer, asked her if she would prefer to walk of ride to the next gate, when she indicated no preference he placed her in a cart and she was taken to the gate and dropped off and LEFT ALONE, this was when she called her mother and me as we were in route to the Tampa airport wondering what she should do. At this point I called the airline to find out what was going on as this was DEFINITELY NOT the service that was described to us. I was finally able to talk to a Laura Glasglow who assured me that she would find out where the system broke down and correct it. I would like to compliment Ms. Glasglow as she was the only person I have contacted during this whole incident who seems genuinely concerned over this situation. The girl was too scared to visit the bathroom or get something to eat because she might miss her plane. When her flight was called she proceeded ALONE to the plane and was found halfway to the plane by an attendant who THEN walked her the remaining distance to the plane and the flight attendant. The next experience with this service happened at the terminal in Tampa. The flight arrived at 4:42pm and we were waiting at the gate in the terminal fully expecting that after the abysmal failure in Dallas to meet Teresa being escorted to meet us. Again, how wrong we were. After 30 minutes of meeting each tram coming from the gate we were beside ourselves wondering where she could be. Finally we get a call from Teresa who is still down at the gate with a flight attendant who is WAITING FOR UNTICKETED PERSONS to get through security and come get Teresa. She informed us that the attendant could not come to the terminal because of security and did not know how to get to the terminal from the gate. It is unfathomable to me that an American Airlines employee who is in charge of delivering an unescorted minor is this unprepared and inept. On instructions of the attendant, my wife and I ended up having to go to the ticketing desk and get passes to go through security to go and get the child. After waiting through the line and obtaining the passes we received another call that the attendant had been approached by another American employee who kindly offered to show her how to get on the only trams that were at that gate and ride to the terminal after a delay while the attendant got her luggage. The attendant was now at the terminal and wondered where we were. During all of this time, the only way to contact Ms. Glasglow or any other American personnel was to call the toll free number, wait through 15 minutes of automated messages and get connected to someone who had to have the whole story again before deciding it was important enough to track Ms. Glasglow down for us. We were finally united with ***** a full HOUR after the plane had landed, and then had to go to the baggage office to get her luggage because so much time had elapsed since the flight had landed. This has been without a doubt the single most frustrating, anxious, and angering experience I have had in the past 10 years. To cap all of this off, the next day I receive a call from someone in customer service who is kind enough to leave me the toll free number, where I can spend 20 minutes again trying just to contact her. I then receive another call from a Linda with customer service in Tampa who is kind enough to leave me a direct number where I have left 3 messages to be called back and have not received a call back yet (a day and a half later). This type of service is completely unacceptable under any circumstances but intolerable in connection to a minor your organization was entrusted with.
I am truly curious to find out if this incident is normal with this airline and how you intend to rectify this situation for the anxiety caused my wife and myself, and what steps are being taken to ensure this does not occur in the future as my step-daughter has a return flight on August second.
I anxiously await your reply before pursuing this further.

I am still waiting of course for any answer from American. BE WARNED!!!!

George Mihai

Although it is a little strange, I am glad I am not the only one that AA screwed over. We flew home to Romania last Christmas and we paid for an extra suitcase. Leaving aside the nightmare of the trip and planes getting canceled, we made it to Romania at the scheduled time ... but no luggage. We got to a new place on Christmas eve ... with no clothes, Christmas presents, toiletries, etc. The lady at the American Airlines desk told me that we would have to wait for a few days ... We got the suitcases one at a time over a week and a half ... All except one ... the one with all the Christmas presents. Leaving aside the fact that the gifts never made it to my family, the first suitcase we got arrived 5 days after getting there, and we only spent 12 days there. During this time, I have called ceasleassly the customer service for AA, and they told me it was British Airways responsibility. I called British, but they said it was American. To make the long story short, after a couple dozen calls, emails and faxes nothing happened. We were just ignored. About 5 months after the date of the flight, I got a call from the United airline luggage center. The apparently had my missing suitcase ... They sent it and surprise ... All tags have been removed and all the gifts gone. The suitcase never even left Chicago.
It's been almost a year, and nothing ever happened. I guess it is not surprising ...


AA leaves a lot to be desired on every level. The stew crew disappeared to the front of the plane for an endless amount of time. I guess those short skirts serve the purpose for in-flight pilot entertainment. The passengers just looked at each other in disbelief. No one wanted to disturb the activity.

I wish AA would focus on getting passengers where they need to go. If some pilots and FAs want to fool around, they should do it on their own time or wait until they arrive at the hotel. I am sure somewhere out there AA has professional crews, but this wasn't it. What a depressive airline.


Wow! My husband and I thought it was a simple, billing error, but we experienced the exact same thing as the first writer. We got to the airport in plenty of time and were told that the billing hadn't gone through (even though we had receipt in hand and showed it to the agent at the desk). They gave us no other choice at the time but to buy another set of tickets.

When we got back we double checked our statements and both charges had gone through. We thought it would be simple to give them a call and get it straightened out - billing errors happen but it's been ridiculous. 2 months, we've sent a fax with receipts for both flights, two emails, finally today got through to a manager at AA who told us it wasn't her problem. Our fax was never responded to, the first email took over a week, and the second, still waiting...

I agree, it seems like there is something fishy going on but no idea what to do about it apart from taking it to small claims court. Who has time to do that?




Hm. I haven't had any horrible experiences with AA. In fact, one of their reps went out of her way to make sure I got on a flight after Delta messed up and didn't give me a ticket. That was a few years ago, though.

I refuse to fly United. They're not to be trusted with one's luggage.

The worst experience I've ever had was on Midwest Express. Two drunk passengers were allowed to sit in the exit row seats on one of their flights on a small plane. When I wrote to the airline about it, I received a snippy reply.

My sympathies to everyone who's had airline trouble.

Susan Ross

My husband and I, along with our son, flew to the Philippines for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation. Friends of ours also flew with us, but did not check in at the same time. We checked a total of 7 bags between the five of us. Only one bag arrived in the Philippines. Over the past 6 weeks, one bag was found by USAir in Pittsburg (never flew them and never went through Pittsburg), one was found by Mexicali Airlines in San Francisco (never flew them and never went through San Francisco), one bag was found by United Airlines in London (never flew them and never went through London). From the minute we checked in, AA could have cared less about our comfort. This rude, careless attitude continued after our luggage was lost and continues today. We are still missing 3 bags and AA is blaming Japan Airlines even though none of the bags that have been found have any evidence of being tagged with claim numbers. We firmly believe that the clerk who checked ALL of us in should be investigated by Homeland Security. How is it that all of these bags came up missing and then were found in places we never were? Is she smuggling things in and out of the country? Is American Airlines aware of what is going on? Is that the reason that they refuse to assist us? My next e-mail will most certainly go to Homeland Security. The lost luggage seems to be a common one. Our bags have been out of our possession for over 6 weeks. What has been transported in them? Where is the SECURITY???

George P

Midwest used to be superb, but now they are no different from any other. So, on March 11th while going on a direct flight to my father's funeral in NY their Kansas City staff tagged my only bag onto the wrong flight and it ended up in Ft Myers Florida. The LaGuardia staff at once notified Ft Myers to expedite the bag back. Instead, they "expedited" it to Miami, on an American flight. So, all I had for the 4 days in NY was what I wore on the plane. I finally got the bag back from American March 26th, well after my return. The cards for my mom from my son and wife that I was hand carrying had been ripped open, probably by someone looking for money. Other stuff had been riffled through, though all was present.

I am still waiting to hear if they'll reimburse me for the incidentals I had to buy while there. I won't fly them again- ever.

Jim N.

I am really glad I found this Web site because I have been wanting to vent about this for a long time!

My two most recent flights with AA have made me wonder how they are still in business.

The first was a flight from St. Louis to Madison, Wisconsin. We were already two hours late departing (American Connection). The reason: they didn't have a flight attendant for the flight. So, they finally track the flight attendant down for our flight and she decides gabbing on her cell phone finishing her dinner is more important than doing her job. Once we were on board somebody asked what the problem was. Her reply? "Your already late, what does it matter". I just wanted to get to Madison (for a wedding - and it was the last flight of the night) so I didn't say anything. I then called American Airlines to complain. The lady on the phone was extremely rude. She said she doesn't take complaints and that I would have to go to to do so. I said no, I'm not going to email some clerk that will let it sit in their inbox for two months only to receive a form letter reply back. So I told her I had her on the phone and I was going to tell her. She replied "I told you I wasn't going to do anything for you so why are you wasting your breath".

Then i book on American from St. Louis to San Jose Costa Rica to go see a buddy of mine from San Diego. The flight there was 6 hours late. Then on the day I was flying back to Miami, I checked in and the flight was already three hours late (this is two hours before the departure). I asked the ticket agent if that was normal, as I had arrived 6 hours late just a week prior. She said "Oh yeah, they are hours late every day from Miami. So, I wait, and wait and wait. And finally many of us were worried about missing our connecting flights to Boston, New York, Chicago, and St. Louis. There was NO communication at all. The help phone in the American gate area had no one answering on the other end. We were told a manager was going to come speak to us and explain the situation (we are now 6 hours late and knew we would in fact be staying in Miami that night). No one ever came to speak to us. They sent us to the opposite end of the airport to get a $10 voucher for food, and said a member of management would be there. Nope. There was a very nice employee that seemed overwhelmed. She looked like she was going to cry after hearing 200 passengers get angry with her. I felt bad for her that the AA management put this on her to deal with. She told us the plane had a flat tire in Miami and there weren't anymore replacement tires there and they had to get one from Ft. Lauderdale airport. I'm not stupid. I'm an aviation management major and have worked as an air traffic controller. Did they have a flat tire every day? Is that why that flight was hours late every day as the ticket agent had told me when I checked in? So they finally get us on board and on our way to Miami. Once we get to Miami ALL of the other flights from Buenos Aires, Rio, etc. were all as late as ours. After standing in line for customs we got to stand in line for another 90 minutes so the FOUR agents they had on staff (25-30 counters) could get us our hotel stays and book us on new flights to our destinations. The people were extremely rude. I asked what AA was going to do for me. The ticket agent replied "Oh, is it all about YOU now? I've been dealing with people with attitudes for four hours!" I said well maybe if the AIRLINE you worked for would have some sense of what customer service was like you wouldn't be dealing with these attitudes! She then proceeded to take her sweet time with attitude getting my itinerary together, paused to small talk with an agent on break, answered her cell phone, and then handed me my tickets for my next flight without even looking to me while she WAS TALKING ON THE CELL PHONE! By this time it was already 1 a.m. and I had a 7 a.m flight from Miami to Nortwest Arkansas airport and then a two hour wait for the flight from Northwest Arkansas to St. Louis, so needless to say I just wanted to get to the hotel and get something to eat. They gave me a $10 voucher for dinner, and a $5 voucher for breakfast that you could use at the airport or the hotel. 1) restaurants in airports are closed by 1 a.m., and 2) What am I going to get at the Hilton to eat for $10 for dinner? The people at the Hilton let me combine the vouchers and get room service (the only food offered after midnight). So with my $15 voucher I got half of a turkey/provolone sandwich and a can of Coke. Then I got to get up three hours later to get back to the airport to deal with those idiots again. I didn't even waste my time emailing AA. I just said "to hell with them". About a week later I notice that 4,000 free miles had been deposited into my Advantage account. So, I then emailed them and said it was a start but the only way I am going to fly their airline again would be if they were the last airline left to fly. The reply? "We decline your request for a free flight for circumstances that are beyond our control". They obviously didn't give a crap about me after my credit card number was processed. I hope that airline goes bankrupt so bad! They are pathetic.


I had been building up my AAMiles and accumulated enough to redeem them for 2 not so free seats to Paris. On the day of our departure, my wife was pregnant and wasn't very mobile that day, plus the traffic on the way to JFK wasn't the best, but at the end of the day we got there 55 minutes before the the flight was scheduled to depart. they didn't make any exceptions and booked us another flight later that day. I was pissed! 5 minutes late and you go and do this to me. I've flown over 250,000 miles on AA, but it didn't matter. IT GETS BETTER. on the flight the head flight attendant, a short bald, little jerk, was completely out of line and I could have easily knocked his teeth in but of course I wouldn't dare because who wants to be arrested on Federal Charges. I think that they know that they can get away with being rude, abrasive, just intolerable. Anyway, I got up out of my seat to go to the restroom and as the little snot went down the aisle he stopped next to where I was sitting and placed his foot on my seat as he reached for something in the overhead compartment. My wife was there and said that someone was sitting there and then he mumbled something under his breath that got a chuckle from his mates. When I came back and later confronted him, he turned around and said that his shoes weren't dirty and said that he already apologized.

This behaviour is completely unacceptable and AA has not given me any satisfaction after I've lodged a complaint with them. They don't care. So I am never, ever flying them again, unless I know for sure that that little prick is on the flight. I have a score to settle.

Gina Romano

My name is Gina and I was raped by a group of AA and Continental pilots out of O'hare. These bastards terrorized me and destroyed my apartments, my clothing, killed my animals and stalked me.

There is a forced prostitution ring that runs out of O'hare Airport and I was told at my assault that if I prostituted for one year for pilots on layover, they would let me go. Of course, I won't so they continue to stalk me.

These pilots are very sick. The FAs are fake FAs and particpate in something called "dick duty". Most of the AA fake FAs are hermorphadites who hate women and help these pilots at the rapes. They are whores. They named one, "Julie Tranny". Julie is a true hermorphadite and is mentally ill. She was at my assalt and even stuck its head between my legs.

Gerard Arpey has been notified, but does nothing because he is involved. He is a deranged man. He is Bankrupting AA at a rapid rate and thinks no one is looking.

I am exposing this ring. A woman I worked with years ago disappeared and at my assault they said they murdered, tortured and raped her. Another woman disappeared shortly after that and she was found dead with from a shotgun blast to the head.

The O'hare AA pilots and fake FAs are dangerous. They are trash and filth looking to destroy lives out of jealousy and failure.

I will neve fly American or any airline affiliated with it. Beware if you fly this line because any woman or man could be a target for sexual assault by these filthy airline pigs. If an AMerican Airline pilot approaches you, run the other way.

Beware. Gina


I must admit, i wont be flying with American again, i have flown all over the world, Russia, China, New Zealand,and many more, and i have never been so disapointed in a national carrier like this before. I was really looking forward to flying with them, they dont deserve to be part of the ONE WORLD group at all. sorry British airways all is forgiven, rob UK

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