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Ami Dar

Thank you!

Ami Dar


Idealist has not only enriched me with ideas but has also motivated me to enrich my community as well keep up the spirit.

raphael okwama

Im mobilizing young people to attend a global Youth forum on development aimed at young people realizing the Millenium Development goals By 2015. I appreciate idealist for taking the opportunity to advertise my event.Thanka alot.

Pieter Munuo

Good friend is those who stay close to you when the rest of the world left you behind. I like to say this one thing to you : One hundred friends is too little, but, one enemy is too much. Be good to anybody you know no matter how the situation arround you.

michael jones

Really great post! The information about the Blog Communities is very nice and useful! Thank you for everything! I believe that all that will really help me!

Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo

Dying Voices of Gongs is the story of the people in the Niger Delta; the centre of the oil and gas rich region,of Nigeria,.For almost fifty years, the area was a victim of ill -environmental practices,unemployment for the youths,poor educational facilities and lack of infrastructural development.

While the wealth extracted from the region made others affluent,the Niger Delta people had remained impoverished.The subtle hands of exploitation gradually,compelled them to take to illegal bunkering,to have a direct unofficial part in the oil business.They also undertook pipeline vandalism,kidnappings,abductions,blow-up of oil wells and militancy.This is reshaping the political development in Nigeria.

The author, Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo, through the protagonist,Isitima, in the 'Dying Voices of Gongs',explores the narrow mindedness of the government,moneyed class, the international intrigues that has helped sustain the insensitivity and exploitation.The courage and commitment of the large body of youths organised into the 'pre-party mateship' grew to be a formidable private army seeking to redress the ills the area had experienced.

The struggle, the epic battle of a sort,is fought over the control of the heart of the nations' economic.The 'Dying Voice of Gongs' It is a story of betrayal, hatred and calculated self-interest that is bound to jar the mind of the reader. But it is also a book of the failure of the Nigerian project to care for the social,educational and economic well being the People.

Opportunistic powerful politicians are graving to link with the group to use it to pitch against the government as an instrument of opposition.But 'Isitima' and his 'Pre-party' have put their lives at a risk to raise a loud cry.

The aura of the struggle, which may be reaped someday, may eventually come after a possible outbreak of endemic diseases occasioned by the several oil spills on farm land and seas which has sipped into community drinking water wells.

About the Author
Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo, a keen journalist,is notable for his human interest coverages and reports in the Niger Delta.Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo is an Okrika son born in Port Harcourt.He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and has undergone training in mass communication,journalism, information technology and management.


thanks for posting this.



Well written article.

Nasir Baloch

Through Community social mobilization trust will be built among the people. the depatment sector has taken serious notice of our intervention and has promised to cooperate with them and provide them with any kind of support. Through Community social mobilization government has warmly welcomed this initiative. The important lesson we learnt in this regard is that collective action is dynamic, effective and sustainable.

Charley Soares

for me this blog has as many ways to emphasize the variety of points of view, I really think it's great this blog.

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