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Bill Simons

Molecular gastronomy? Never heard of freeze dried foods being a delicious item. Had some mountain house freeze dreid food recently and it was tasty, but you wouldn't order it in a restaurant - it's camping food!

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What is unique is the application of scientific principals to the culinary arts. Although a number of the cooking methods were way out of the realm of ordinary folks there were a few unique pieces of technology that may make improvement in home cooking.

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For our reading class we have to make a food for the theme of our book. My theme is adventure. So what food can I make for adventure thats not to hard and expensive?

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Portion sizes are often too big, resulting in ridiculous calorie counts for even the "healthier" choices. Places like Teriyaki Express should offer at least two portion size options intead of forcing us to spend extra money and waste the excess food


This one is a television specialty channel of food network that airs both one-time and recurring programs about food and cooking.

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