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Many thanks for the mention Randal. A couple of things: By way of disclosure, the woman you mention, Susan Brockway, isn't a salesperson, but actually someone who works in community relations with me. She took it upon herself to go into the grocery store to see how people are coping with the challenges of shopping for food with shrinking purchasing power. She has ended up "adopting" a family she met there.
Times are tough, but from a food inflation perspective, they only look to get tougher. We've only just begun to see the real inflationary effect of $6 a bushel corn. I'll spare you my rant about how the government is requiring significant amount of our food production to go into ethanol. If anyone wants, they can read it at
Putting nutrition _first_, as you say, is a daunting challenge. With high input costs, many food companies are caught in a battle for fiscal survival. Our company offers a wide variety of highly nutritional products and puts a lot of marketing resources behind them. Unfortunately, they're not always the first choices for consumers.


A thought from your post that hit home...Chosing processed foods that are less expensive.

It hit home when my kids and I were talking about what was available for meals in school. Breakfast offered this week was, and I'm not kidding, a cinnamon roll on Monday; sausage biscuit on Tuesday; blueberry breakfast stick on Wednesday; pancakes on Thursday and biscuit and gravy for Friday. Not trying to pick on the school because they have to be creative with resources I'm sure. Almost forgot, the kids get a fruit which is typically peaches in syrup or something like it and a potato cake. Thank goodness for Tuesday and milk, but most get the chocolate option anyway. 98% of the meals were simple sugars and carbs. Now kids sit still and listen carefully, my heart is pounding faster just thinking of the sweets.

This is not just worrisome for the kids who buy their meals, but what about the kids on free and reduced lunches, it is likely their only source of nutrition. It's sounding like not only whole grain pasta is getting passed over. Balanced meals and nutrition is what helps kids learn, I hope it was just a bad week for the menu, but I'm afraid it's reflection of next week's.


What I am always confused about is why in the world is processed food so much less expensive. If you have an ear of corn, and you have to do all sorts of things to make corn syrup, is that not going to make the end product cost more? Are whole foods honestly that much more? I do not work in food science so I have no answers just so many questions.

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