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babyphone for iphone

is a Baby Monitor that will call you on your own house phone or any
other phone to be alerted upon the child awakening, without having to
be camped out, next to the door to the baby's room.
The main screen of Babyphone shows the current status, the
microphone sensitivity and the threshold for triggering the alarm.
If the Microphone’s display reaches or exceeds the set threshold, the
previously defined phone number will be called. After completion of the
call and the expiration of the delay Babyphone will reactivate itself
In the settings you can enter the number to call. In addition, there is
a sleeping interval with an adjustable delay in minutes, after which
Babyphone will reactivate itself again.


While this was one of the first baby monitors, we feel our baby monitor is far superior. We've got customizable sensitivity, parents can record their own voice for soothing playback, and can even be used with toddlers; Baby Alert Pro will trigger even when the iPhone is moved!

Check us out and see why we're #1:


For me, having to use two iPhones (or leaving one in the nursery) is the deal-breaker. Why not build a stand-alone device that performs the same (or similar) function AND interfaces with an iPhone or Android device. While there at it, why not make it into a wi-fi video camera too? Would love to watch use my iPhone as a wireless video monitor (no computer needed), as opposed to the current video monitors that are 4" thick with 1.5" low-res screens.

Baby tech seems to be so far behind. But then again, do we really need any technology in order to love these little miracles of life?

- Husband of

Hilltown Baby Monitor

I found a wireless long range baby monitor I really like on TV, but I got it at a much better price online. It looks like a stuffed dog toy (the camera part), has a color LCD handheld receiver, and a range of 300 feet.
I don't have an iPhone, but I don't think I'd trust one as a baby monitor. With the one I got you can see and hear your baby, and it was only $185, with free shipping.

Janelle Benson

Great post. I especially found it useful where you stated that iPhone has also a baby monitor application too. Very useful gadget to have... thanks, Janelle.

Cell Phone LCD Screens

"the intrinsic value of the iPone is not that it is a great gadget, but that it allows people to develop amazing tools for a device that seems to have the structure to enable an unlimited number of creative uses."
i am in your side.

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